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Teddy Hall DeKatTV 2
Teddy Hall appreciates expression of quality. Knowing that real value can often only be experienced in a fleeting moment, he embraces every opportunity to interact with his surroundings and connect with the company he keeps. Whether he rides his Harley Davidson along the scenic beauty of the Western
Teddy Hall Sybrand Mankadan Chenin Blanc
Sybrand Mankadan's love of drinking alcohol was only surpassed by his love of women...and this wine salutes his passion and commitment to pursuing the finer things in life.

Teddy Hall Hercùles van Loon Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Hercùles van Loon

Van loon arrived in Stellenbosch as the first permanent minister (Dutch Reformed Church reverend). Some speculate that his wife was not the perfect minister’s wife, and that she had an affair or various affairs. On June 26th, 1704 he committed suicid
Teddy Hall Jan Blanx Super White Cuvée NV

Jan Blanx

A rebellious soldier in the time of Jan van Riebeeck, he received within thirteen months a total of 300 lashes while hanging from a ships yardarm.  Later he was keelhauled and spent more than seven months in irons and chains working as a sl

Teddy Hall Dr. Jan Cats Chenin Blanc Reserve
Dr. Jan Cats was a respected physician in Stellenbosch...but like all physicians, he did have his share of failures...and a very unique way to get the bodies out of his surgery and into the morgue without upsetting business!
WINE.CO.ZA | Teddy Hall - Accolade Alley - October 2012
Teddy Hall from Teddy Hall Wines talks to wine.co.za about their Teddy Hall Dr Jan Cats Chenin Blanc Reserve 2010 for the Spotlight Campaign in October 2012 focusing on Accolade Alley.

Top 100 SA Wines 2012 - Teddy Hall and Gary Jordan chat...
Gary Jordan of Jordan Wine Estate and
Top 100 SA Wines
Teddy Hall of Teddy Hall Wines interviewed by Robin von Holdt

South African Chenin Blanc Tasting
Gary explores this white wine, specifically from South Africa. Chenin Blanc, also known as Steen, can bring some great value to the table.

Teddy Hall - Method Cap Classique
For the first time Teddy Hall is releasing a Method Cap Classique. The vintage is 2005, the grapes are 100% Stellenbosch Chardonnay, and the taste is out of this world....

Teddy Hall - Chenin Blanc Reserve
The Teddy Hall Chenin Blanc Reserve - sourced from vines originally planted in 1986, the chenin blanc bush vines are well suited to the broken shale soils on this unique hillside site in the Koelenhof hills. The average yield is a relatively low 4.9 tons per hectare - but the quality is superb!

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