Hendrik Biebouw
At the age of 17, in March 1707, young Hendrik and his mates were apprehended for being drunk and disorderly. When beaten, chased and chastised by the Landdrost of Stellenbosch, a German by the name of Starrenburg, Henrik wanted to know who Starrenburg, an immigrant, thought he was to be ordering about a local lad and emphasised that he was an African.

He shouted: "..ik wil niet loopen, ik ben een Afrikaander, al slaat die landdrost mijn dood, of al setten hij mijn in den tronk, ik sal, nog wil niet swygen" (I shall not leave, I am an Afrikaander, even if the landdrost beats me to death, or puts me in jail. I shall not, nor will I be silent - Gilliomee 2003:22). "Ik ben een Afrikaander", Biebouw said. 

And with that he stated that he has broken from his European roots, and his now a child of this continent.
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