Teddy Hall appreciates expression of quality. Knowing that real value can often only be experienced in a fleeting moment, he embraces every opportunity to interact with his surroundings and connect with the company he keeps. Whether he rides his Harley Davidson along the scenic beauty of the Western Cape, spends time with his family and friends or hosts exclusive wine tastings at prestigious venues around the world, his passion and enjoyment of unique pleasure shines through.

Teddy has been crafting some of South Africa’s most acclaimed wines for more than two decades. Spending a harvest as an intern at Boschendal in 1993 inspired him to make a barrel of his own Cabernet Sauvignon in his parents’ garage in Somerset West. Almost consumed by the quest for those elusive conditions that foster truly iconic wines, he got his hands dirty during a stint as a seasonal worker in Pomerol, France. Upon his return home the love affair has deepened and in 1995 he enrolled as a full time student in viticulture and oenology at the University of Stellenbosch. Highly respected in both local and international wine circles, he would eventually list cellars he consulted to in Spain, France and Israel as well as numerous top South African wineries.

In 1998 Teddy began working at Kanu in Stellenbosch and quickly established the brand as a producer of exceptional wines, in 2001 taking both top honours in the annual WINE magazine Chenin Blanc Challenge and being awarded the coveted Diners Club Winemaker of the Year title. In a country where many exponents passionately advocate the quality of South African Chenin blanc, Teddy Hall reigns as the king and Champion of this cultivar. He won the WINE magazine Chenin Blanc Challenge an unparalleled total of four times.

In 1999 Rudera was established as Teddy’s own marque. Unconventionally he did not tie himself down to just the vineyards on the property. He negotiated contracts with trusted grape growers, sourcing fruit from a number of prime locations. Predictably, Rudera’s rise to being considered a very sought after label was quick.

In 2003 Teddy Hall was invited to join the exclusive Cape Winemakers Guild, currently comprising of the cream of South Africa’s winemaking talent.

Teddy Hall Wines was formed in 2006 and Rudera sold in 2008.

Teddy purposely pushes boundaries while exploring new ways to evince the complex play of contrasts that define limits and frontiers in winemaking. He constantly evolves his role as rebel with a cause – offsetting individuality against the backdrop of society’s expectations. Born from a principle to embrace the chequered heritage of his beloved Stellenbosch, his premium collection wine range mirrors his integrity. At the same time it specifically remembers antiheroes who actively wove the fabric history was to be embossed on.
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