A short harvest report for 2012 at Teddy Hall Wines
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Stellenbosch had a slightly above average winter rainfall in all months except for a dry July.  Like last year our annual average was below norm and water reserves are under strain.

The winter was not very cold but the run-up to summer was slow. The real heat only came in early January, but fortunately that was the only hot month with temperatures dropping towards the ripening period.

Flowering in the vineyard was more than a week early and not as even and regular as what I would have liked, making selection and green harvest again imperative. Regardless of the early flowering, the cool run-up to summer had the effect that harvest was about ten days later than normal. Berries of white and red cultivars were smaller and the crop lighter, promising quality.

The stretched out season meant little congestion in the cellar, giving ample opportunity to do everything right. I would venture that 2012 will be remembered as very good for white wines and excellent for reds.

From a cold and rainy Stellenbosch.

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